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Goryeo Baby

Wooden Beads Maze Animal Forest

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Let the baby know the cartoon forest of the bead, exercise the flexibility of the baby wrist, hands alternately with the ability to train the baby's visual ability. Do hand-eye coordination, the concept of raising the number of babies to carry out the basic addition and subtraction operations.

First, tell the cartoon of baby beads, let him dial the beads back and forth freely. Let the baby flip the beads, toggle, from the tortuous side of the hardcore dialed to the other end, and at the same time let him count the number of beads can be the number while dialing, do hand and brain.

Cute shape increases the interest of the baby game, let the baby have fun. Let the baby move the brain to beat the beads, to develop the habit of the baby to love the manual brain.

Parents can accompany the baby to play together, teach the baby in the game other related knowledge, such as color, animals, sun, flower, cloud, and so on.

The beads are tailored to fit your baby’s hands just fine – not too big and bulky!



  • Material: Wood + Non-toxic paint
  • Product Size: 16 x 16 x 19 cm
  • Suitable Age: 2 Years Above