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Rapid Filling Water Balloons (111)

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Rapid filling, self-tying water balloons are simple and easy to use - perfect for kids parties and outdoor or backyard fun.



  • Rapid Filling - Balloons can be filled in 60 seconds
  • Self Tying - Once full, balloons automatically tie and disconnect from their bunches
  • Good quality sealing technology - Once filled balloons retain water for up to 2 hours whilst submerged in water, unlike some alternatives. Balloons are intended for use within 2 hours of being filled and will eventually deflate if left unused
  • Easy to fill - Balloon attachment is designed to connect to taps or hosepipes. The included connector can be used if needed for a better fit
  • Biodegradable - Balloons are environmentally friendly


How to Use:

  • Step 1. Fill a bucket, basin, or pool halfway with water to ensure the balloons have a soft landing once filled
  • Step 2. Attach the balloons to tap or hosepipe (using the included connector if needed) and hold balloons over the basin of water
  • Step 3. Let the balloons fill with water. They will self-seal and drop into the water once full
  • Step 4. Pick up the balloons and throw them!



  • All Balloons come to you un-inflated.
  • Do not fill too much air into the balloons, 80%-90% is enough, or it will cause a projectile hazard, and please be gentle when you inflate them.
  • Do not put the balloons near to the flame, sharp objects or lemon juice, they might burst.
  • If you don't know how to inflate the balloons, please contact us.



  • 111 Water Balloons (3 bundles x 37 Balloons Per Bundle)
  • Assorted Colours