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Perfume Bottle Flower Stickers Green

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R 79.00

Deco Sticker is made of dense and sturdy material, colors and images are printed sharp, not fading and very harmonious. Nice design, high durability, creating convenience for decoration.

Each flower has a different shape and color, allowing you to freely decorate and create your own handmade products.

The perfume bottle shaped bag includes many different shapes and colors of flowers. You can use it to decorate for scrapbooks or fly albums, phones, laptops, cups, mugs, school supplies, diaries, ... Add a lively and interesting part, it will also contribute to adorn your familiar objects become lively and unique.



  • Material: Deco Sticker (Paper + PP)
  • Shape: Perfume Bottle
  • 4 Pcs/Style, 10 Styles, 40 Pcs/Pack
  • Package Size: 10 x 7 cm