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Mini Brickheadz Blocks | Iron man

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Cute, cool, and irresistibly chunky, these Superheroes Brickheadz toys are merely one of the best! Assemble the entire Avengers or battle with Batman and his buddies; whether or not or not you’re Workforce Marvel or Workforce DC, there’s a set for you!

Showcasing the superior and distinctive Brickheadz mannequin, these establishing blocks look fantastic lined up in your shelf. There are even two-in-one items of these comic book cuties to get your assortment off to a perfect start. Brightly-colored with a wacky cartoonish design, each set provides you hours of enjoyment and changes your room into superhero central.

Choices embrace: Iron Man’s Repulsor Beams

Flip his face to reveal the micro decide!



  • CULTIVATE CONCENTRATION AND SPATIAL THINKING: Because of the mini size, LOZ Marvel Avenger Superhero Building Blocks require a high level of concentration and hands-on ability to build it completely. This has inspired many people’s desire to challenge. It is not just a toy. It can also develop children's spatial thinking and train their concentration. Starting from zero, building the dream city step by step.
  • SMOOTH PARTICLES AND FIRM STRUCTURE: Made of high-quality plastic. The smooth surface and the fit between the building blocks and the building blocks is high which makes the building blocks are closely linked with each other and not easily disperse. The built-up blocks can be stored for a long time, whether it is used for collection or decoration
  • STRONG INTERACTIVITY AND WIDE ADAPTABILITY: As entertainment for the family, parents can complete the building blocks with the children and spend a wonderful family time in the game. It can be given to children to develop their ability to focus on what they doing.



  • Pieces: 144
  • Size: 4.2 x 6.2 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable Age: 6 Years Above



  • LOZ conforms to all security requirements, not appropriate for youngsters below three years
  • Since the size of the LOZ building block is of the mini level, it is dangerous for children to eat and suffocate. Please remember to have an adult to accompany when playing.