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Master Reusable Builder | Medieval Castle

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R 1,350.00

Do your kids interested in building? Do they wonder, how this building was being built? Master Builder is a playset for your kids to explore architectural structures with well-known landmarks in the world, with REAL bricks, REAL build, provides REAL learning! Hundreds of geometry structures promote hand-eye coordination and allow children to visualize 3D space through play.

Repeating laying bricks cultivates children's patience and concentration and improves their fine motor skills and thinking skills. Encourage fun bonding time while discussing the story behind buildings.



  • 919 pieces of different types of miniature geometry structures
  • White glue as 'Cement Mortar'
  • Package Size: 36.5 x 30.5 x 7 cm
  • Material: Brick
  • Suitable Age: 6 Years Above