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Lantern Multifunctional Night Light

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R 599.00

Multifunctional Night Lights And Lantern - Can be used as a desk lamp, night light, flashlight, hanging lantern light, decoration. Close the lampshade can be used as a desk lamp or a portable flashlight, and the illumination angle of the lamp can be adjusted 360 degrees. Lengthening lampshade can be used as a lantern at night, providing you with many ways of using. It is ideal for decor and light up your bedroom, living room, office and any corner of household and commercial environments. 

Unique Design - Just rotate and pull down the bottom can be turned into a lantern shape, wireless design, solve the trouble of cable lamp not easy to move.

USB Rechargeable - Go with a charging cable, and this USB recharge led desk lamp contains a 1200am rechargeable battery, do not need to worry about sudden power failure.

Adjustable Brightness & Touch-Control - Top touch control function desk lamp can easily turn on/off the power supply and switch 3 levels of light brightness: soft, moderate and bright, which can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere and meet your needs at different times of the day.



  • Material: ABS + Wooden Handle
  • Product Size: Table Lamp 14.2 × 3.7× 19.4 cm, Lantern 14.2 × 12 × 24.8 cm
  • Dimming Setting, brightness control
  • Light Source: LED bulbs
  • Product Accessory: USB Cable