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5 in 1 Jungle Tetris Block

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R 499.00

Meet the legendary game from which several generations of children grew up around the world - the logical game Tetris 5 in 1! 

Solve exciting puzzles, challenge yourself or your rivals - no boring leisure is guaranteed!

In a compact and easy-to-store box, you will find a playing field with sliders, 18 wooden blocks, a scoreboard with sliders, 83 cards with a variety of tasks of several levels of difficulty and instructions. The big advantage is that the tasks are built on the principle of "simple to complex" and include several activities: - performing classic tasks on the plane, when the player needs to place the details so as to completely fill the area on the playing field - a collection of three-dimensional 3D shapes - construction of balance weights - performing creative tasks on the principle of mosaic - training of two-sided thinking, when the player needs to assemble a figure that is depicted in perspective.

The game involves both solo mode and duels with rivals, where you have to make every effort to win!

If you have difficulties, you can use the solution booklet to analyze the situation and correct mistakes.

The colourful and multifunctional logic game Tetris 5 in 1 will be a great simulator for the development of logical, schematic and spatial thinking, attention, concentration and visual perception.



  • In the set: playing field, 2 sliders for the playing field scoreboard, 2 score sliders, 18 wooden blocks of different colors and shapes, 52 cards with classic tasks, 11 cards with creative tasks, 20 cards with 3D tasks, instruction
  • Package Size: 30 x 17.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Suitable Age: 4 Years Above