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Large Animal Shaped Puzzle | Elephant Dream

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R 219.00

Mideer Elephant Dream Puzzle is different from other jigsaw puzzles. It is a huge puzzle that is designed specifically for children who love animals. The patterns on the puzzle connect the whole puzzle. The artistic picture-in-picture illustration brings us a visual feast of various creatures, trees, birds and all form of life living in a peaceful jungle under the moonlight with our key elephant. When finished, the puzzle can be framed as room decoration, and your kids can explore the dreamy world of animals.



  • 30+ Animal, 40+ Plant, 4 layer Ecology: Ground cover, Underwater world, Shrub layer, Arbor layer in a puzzle
  • 280 Pieces Puzzle
  • 2mm thickness with smooth edges without burrs
  • Including Reference Picture
  • Puzzle Size: 48 x 66 cm
  • Package Size: 23 x 5 x 31.2 cm
  • Suitable Age: 5 Years Above