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Amusement Park Blocks | Beverage Shop

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Create a personalized amusement park stuffed with all your favorite outlets! Mini Street Mini Blocks models embrace an entire bunch of boldly-colored gadgets inside the mannequin’s distinctive design. Rounded edges on the blocks and quirky shapes give your assembled fashions an attention-grabbing look, without shedding any real component. If establishing a fries or a cake shop has on a regular basis been your dream, then let LOZ fulfill your fantasies!

Similar to Lego, each gear accommodates numerous vibrant blocks as a way to assemble. What makes LOZ distinctive is that the blocks are super-tiny, so they enable for a quite a bit higher diploma of the component. The included instructions are your recipe for success, whereas the pleasing part of these items will go away you hungry for additional!



  • Pieces: 367
  • Height: 8.5 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Suitable Age: 6 Years Above



  • LOZ conforms to all security requirements, not appropriate for youngsters below three years
  • Since the size of the LOZ building block is of the mini level, it is dangerous for children to eat and suffocate. Please remember to have an adult to accompany when playing.