Wall Decals Instructions

Our wall stickers work best on a SMOOTH surface, we do not recommend sticking them on rough walls. 

Use glue to add stickiness will be an option if the edges or pieces of wall decals falling off and keep it longer.



Wall Preparation: 

  1. Clean the wall with soap and water and sand down any rough areas.
  2. You can cut your design into smaller pieces to make it easier to position your wall stickers in the perfect place before deciding to pull off the backing and stick.
  3. If an application sheet is supplied, remove the backing paper so that the stickers have adhered to the transparent sheet. Flip the wall sticker sheet around and slowly peel off the bottom layer. Best working from one corner to the opposite corner at an angle. If the wall sticker wants to stick to the backing paper, slowly manipulate the bottom layer to help the wall stickers adhere to the transfer tape.
  4. Use a ruler/spirit level to determine the precise position on your wall.
  5. Position your sticker according to your markers on the wall.
  6. Working from top to bottom, using a credit/bank card to push the sticker down while softly pushing the air pockets to the closest border
  7. When you are happy with the position of the sticker, give it some extra love and rub it gently on the wall, so that the sticker makes proper contact with the wall.


    We have pinpoint 3 different issues that might be the cause of the vinyl decal is peeling off the wall above:

    • Freshly painted walls still outgassing
    • Dirty Walls (dust and oily substances)
    • Paints contain certain additives that prevent dirt and smudges to stick, but they also prevent vinyl decals to stick



    1. When removing the sticker, using a hair dryer to heat it will make it easier.
    2. Keep the hair dryer about 10cm away while blowing on the part you can.