iKids - Activities, Bubble Fun (Photo by_ King Siberia)

Winter Activities Inspired By Nature

iKids - Activities, Bubble Fun (Photo by_ King Siberia)
If you’re a family that loves nature and you want to teach that to your children, then winter time offers many opportunities to do that through fun and interesting activities inspired by the great outdoors.

To help you get started, here are a few fun ideas for winter activities inspired by nature you can enjoy with your children!

Exploring the Evergreens

Evergreen trees offer many great things during winter, such as many different sights, smells and sensations that are enjoyable and that can help your children get in touch with their environment in a different way. If there are evergreens in your neighborhood or near you, bring your children and do different things such as search for pinecones or look up at the ones that haven’t fallen, search for animal homes, feel their trunks or sit down under the trees to look at the branches and the shapes they make, etc. Admiring nature is always something wonderful to do, so teach your children to enjoy that and do it together!

Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is not an activity that’s reserved only for summer. In fact, blowing bubbles outside during winter offers a whole new experience. Give your children some bubbles, bundle them up and then go outside and blow bubbles into the cold weather. They will be amazed to see how the bubbles crystallize and take the opportunity to explain, in simple terms, why that happens during the winter but not in the summer. They won’t only have fun doing this very simple thing, but they’ll also learn something new out of it!

Just keep in mind that this activity will be better if the temperature dips below freezing or you can also allow the bubble solution to get cold before you go outside with your kids.

Snow & Water

Another great way to teach your children about the state of matter, is by handing them three cups and letting them go outside to gather snow in each cup. Once they’re back indoors, set up a station for them and then get three containers of water; one with cold water, the second with room-temperature water and the third with hot water. Pour each one into the cup of snow and then prompt your children to observe and compare what happens to the snow! This simple and quick science experiment will be a lot of fun and it will allow your children to learn something new.

Tracking Wildlife

Another great way to enjoy nature is to become animal detectives for a day! Just go outside and help your children track wildlife in your area. This is a great way to foster observation skills and focus, and it’s also a lot of fun. Look for prints on the snow and count the number of toes or claw marks, search for feather marks, scats, gait patterns, and more. Then try to figure out what kind of animal could have gone through!

Nature offers many great opportunities for some family fun time, so make sure you try any of these activities.


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