iKids - Outdoor Winter Activities (Photo by_ Chris Gonzalez)

Top Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids.

iKids - Outdoor Winter Activities (Photo by_ Chris Gonzalez)
Winter offers many great opportunities for you to have some healthy outdoor fun with your kids. All you need to do is look for the best activities to engage your children to do new things instead of staying inside all the time. There will be time to cozy up and watch movies, but first, why not enjoy the outdoors and the cold?

The list of activities you’ll find here today include gross motor activities, which are meant to improve balance, coordination, motor control, endurance, etc.; fine motor activities, which serve to boost concentration, motor control, grasp, etc., and sensory activities, which focus on tactile exploration and more.

1. Building a snowman or a snowman family. This is the classic outdoor winter activity that you will all enjoy doing as a family. Kids will have a lot of fun building the snowmen and decorating them with twigs, buttons, scarves, and even inventing personalities for them. While it does not snow in all areas of South Africa some shopping malls do offer a snow experience.

2. Simon Says. Simon Says is a classic game that can be enjoyed by the entire family at any time of the year. It’s simple, engaging, and overall a lot of fun. You can make it winter-themed by asking your kids to do things such as pretend they’re cold, imitate a deer, etc.

3. Snow Writing. This is a super fun activity that your children can enjoy with you. To set it up, take a few baking trays and coat them mix a mixture of corn syrup, food coloring and glitter. Let that dry completely and then go outside if you have access to snow and pack the trays with snow up to three inches. If there’s no snow in your area, use salt instead. Then allow your children to trace letters, shapes, numbers, etc., with their fingers. This is not only a great sensory activity, but also a fun way to practice their ABCs.

4. Driving on Snow. This is another great sensory winter-themed activity for children you can set up even if there’s no snow in your area. All you need is flour, small toy cars and a container. Just make a layer of flour in the container and give your children the toy cars so they can pretend they’re driving on snow. The feel of the flour will be interesting, and this activity is also a great way to encourage imaginative play.

5. Snowman Slam. This game is perfect for people of all ages, and it’s a great way to spend a lazy, slow afternoon because it will get everyone entertained. Once again, you won’t need any real snow if you don’t have access to it. All you need to set this game up is white cups, white socks, orange and black construction paper or foam, scissors, and some glue.

Take these materials and teach your children to make snowmen. The construction paper or foam will serve to make the features of the snowmen; all you have to do is draw them and cut them out and the white socks will be the snowballs. Then, just make a pyramid out of the snowmen and players will take turns to knock the snowmen down with the snowballs.

Any of these activities will provide a great opportunity to have some snowy fun outdoors even if there’s no snow in your area!


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