Top Indoor Ball Games for Children

Top Indoor Ball Games for Children

Top Indoor Ball Games for Children
Ball games are the bread and butter of childhood, so it’s a good idea to find ways for children to practice them indoors without wrecking the house.

These top indoor ball games for children will allow you to keep your little ones active and entertained on rainy days or super wet and cold winter days when it’s not an option to go outside.

1. Get Rid of the Balls

This game is really easy to set up, all you need to do is stretch a large sheet across two chairs so there’s a line between the two sides of the playing field.

The objective here is to get all the balls over the sheet and into the other side while the opponents try to get the balls back into your side.

There’s no winners or losers, just a lot of fun. You can make this even more fun if you give them each a bucket or a basket so they can dump several balls at once!

2. Milk Jug Catch

All you need to set this up is to grab a couple of milk jugs and carefully cut the bottoms off so as to make a catcher. If the edges are sharp, cover them with duct tape or sand them a little.

The game consists in throwing balls and having your kids catch them with their milk jugs. If you have an only child, this is a great way to play catch indoors. If you have several minions, they can take turns playing with each other.

3. Pour the Balls

If you have toddlers at home, this is a game that they can get on board with.

This is the opposite of the milk jug catch because instead of turning the milk jug into a catcher, you want to make a pitcher so your toddlers can pour the balls instead of trying to catch them.

They will love this simple activity!

4. Cardboard Box Basketball

Cardboard boxes are extremely versatile when it comes to creating new things and playing with what’s at hand.

This game is easy to set up, all you need is a cardboard box. Take it, and cut the flaps off the top, cut a hole near the bottom of the box and use the flaps to make a small ramp inside the box so the balls can roll down.

Then hand your players a ball and have fun!

5. Color Toss

This is another great activity for toddlers!

They will enjoy this and be able to engage with the game very easily. All you need is laundry baskets, construction paper, and balls of different colors.

To set it up, label each laundry basket with construction paper that matches the color of the balls you’ll be using. Then allow your children to toss the balls into the correct basket.

They will have so much fun doing this and the fact that they’ll soon be tossing the balls from a certain distance instead of just putting them in the baskets will be challenging enough to be entertaining for hours!


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