transport themed activities

Themed Learning - Transportation

transport themed activities

Themed learning is extremely useful when it comes to teaching kids about a particular subject. Why? Because focusing all games, activities, songs, arts, and crafts on one subject allow children to become familiar with it very quickly. The best part is that they’ll learn while having fun!

  1. Transportation Stencils

Once you’ve gone through the different means of transportation with your children, you should make stencils!

All you need is:

    • cardboard,
    • paper,
    • tape,
    • thinned paint,
    • brushes
    • and crayons.

Gather your materials and start by cutting transportation shapes from your cardboard. Include cars, planes, boats, etc. Then, place some tape, sticky side out, on the back of the shapes and stick them onto your paper. Next, let your children paint around the edges of the shapes. When they’re done, remove the cardboard and allow the paper to dry.

Once dry, get your children to decorate the means of transportation items with crayons! Also, ask them questions about what each transport type is, where they are found, etc.


  1. Make Your Own Tugboat

Making a tugboat is a fun arts and crafts activity your children will love!

You’ll need:

    • an empty milk carton,
    • six black paper circles,
    • toilet paper tubes with two 1-inch slits done at the bottom across from one another,
    • cottonwool balls,
    • and red and black tempera paint.
Gather the materials and have your children paint the sides of the carton red and the toilet paper tubes black.
Add a bit of white glue to the paint so it can stick to the carton, and before the paint dries completely, place the black circles to the sides of the boat. Three circles on each side. Then, push the tube onto the centre of the boat and pull and stretch the cotton ball to the top of the tube.
Let dry, and then attach a string so it can be used in water!


  1. Carpet Boating

Carpet boating is a fun game to play with kids and all you’ll need are carpet squares or towels on a tiled, laminate or wooden floor.

To set up, have your kids put the carpet squares with the carpet side down or towels on the floor.
Then, have them sit down on the carpet with their feet extended out while bending their knees.
Next, have them pull themselves forward using their feet while working their arms as if they were rowing a boat and they’ll begin carpet boating around the house.
If there was ever a time to sing “Row, row, row your boat”, this is it!


  1. Identifying Means of Transportation
Last but not least, play a little game of identification.
Gather pictures of as many means of transportation as possible and display them for your children.
Then, ask questions such as: 
    • Which one travels on the ocean?
    • Which one travels in the sky?
    • Which one travels on tracks?
    • Which one do we use more often?
    • Which one can take you to the moon? Etc.

All these activities will help your children learn more about the means of transportation and they will have fun!

For more transportation fun have a look at our discovery puzzle set, six-sided traffic puzzle and play rug highway.


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