The Best Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

The Best Indoor Winter Activities for Kids

The Best Indoor Winter Activities for Kids
During the winter it’s quite tempting to just stay in, cozy up in front of the fire or the TV and do nothing but eat baked goods and drink hot cocoa with our loved ones. However, children are known for their energy, so it’s our job as parents to find things for them to do that are fun, interesting, and challenging.

Today I bring you a few great indoor winter activities to keep the kids active and learning whenever the weather is just too harsh to go outside!

1. Indoor Snowball Fun

That’s right! You can recreate this super fun outdoor activity indoors so you can fight boredom with your kids and keep yourselves warm. All you need are sheets of white paper, a hula-hoop, a ping pong ball, a basket, and an empty plastic bottle.

Take the sheets of paper and turn them into snowballs. If you want to set up a classic snowball fight, create a safe zone, and then have the players hide with their stack of paper snowballs until you shout “Snowball fight!” and then everyone can get started.

For an alternative, take the hula-hoop and set it on the floor so your children can take turns trying to toss the paper snowballs into the circle. If you have several players, set up a point system for some healthy competition.

You can also place a basket on top of a table, and challenge your kids to toss the paper snowballs into the basket. And for another great alternative, place the ping pong ball on the mouth of the plastic bottle, and challenge your kids to knock it over using the paper snowballs.

2. Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic and the wonderful thing about it is that you can customize it to whatever theme you’d like. This time, we will make it winter-themed. All you’ll need is a black board or a dry erase board, markers, paper, a container and a timer.

Take the paper and write winter-related words such as snowflake, snowman, coat, sled, etc., and then put them all in the container. Divide the players into teams and play pictionary like you normally would. The team with most points will be the winner!

3. Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic and if you want to make it winter-themed, all you have to do is change Simon to Frosty, Snowman, Penguin, or something else your children will like. Play the game as you always have, and enjoy the fun.

4. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe can also be winter themed, all you need to do is set up the board and assign winter symbols for the players, such as snowflakes, snowballs, etc. And then play as usual!

Any of these games will help you get up off the couch and do something fun indoors without having to do much set up. They will get your entire family energized and you’ll all have fun while staying cozy inside.


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