Super Fun Indoor Games for Children

Super Fun Indoor Games for Children

Super Fun Indoor Games for Children

Super Fun Indoor Games for Children

Sometimes we can’t go outside for whatever reason and we have to stay indoors. If you don’t want your children to be in front of a screen the entire day, you had best organise some activities for them.

To help you out, here are a few indoor games ideas for children so you can have a fun day inside the house.

  1. Musical Statues!

This is a classic! All you need to do is play your children’s favourite songs, turn the volume up, and start dancing your heart out until the music stops. As soon as it stops all players must freeze in whatever position they are in.

This is something that can be played as a family no matter the age, and you can take turns playing your favourite songs.

If you want to make it more challenging for older kids, have them freeze in specific poses when the music stops. Such as animal poses, yoga poses, letters or number poses, etc. They will love it!

Try this game with our Tin Music Box for a nostalgic twist.

  1. Indoor Balance Beam

If you have masking tape at hand, you can make an indoor balance beam it’s a great way to have fun with your children.

All you have to do is clear an area, secure the masking tape in a straight line on the floor and have your children take turns walking over the line without stepping off it.

To shake things up a little, make a zig-zag or curvy line for them to balance on.

You can make this more challenging for older kids by having them walk backwards or jump on one foot!

  1. Ball Pits

Indoor ball pits are great fun for babies and toddlers, they can sit in them and play for ages, throwing the balls out.

But ball pits can be great for learning to pack away balls too, also for counting and colour matching, coordination and so much more.

We have new arrivals which include ball pits should you want to have a peek!

  1. Make DIY Bubbles

Bubbles are not strictly for outdoor fun in the summer!

If you’re stuck inside and you know how much your child loves bubbles, this little game will be great for them.

All you need is:

  • a plate,
  • a straw for each player,
  • and soapy water.

Fill the plate with water and place a coin-size drop of dish soap in the centre.

Now, have your kids place their straws in the water/soap mixture and gently blow.

Make sure they blow gently, so that big, long-lasting bubbles can form.

Otherwise, they’ll just make a mess! *not that a mess is bad 😉, just not our goal for this game.

  1. Tape Shape Games

Tape shape games are a lot of fun and they’re super easy to set up.

All you need to do is use masking tape to create different shapes, letters, and/or numbers on the floor.

Then, have your child stand to their favourite shape/letter/number and give them instructions so they can get to another final tape shape.

You can let them hop like a frog to one shape, then bear crawl to the other, and so on until they arrive at their destination.

This doesn’t only give your children a good little workout, it also reinforces their knowledge of shapes, letters, and numbers.

It’s a great physical game to go with shape puzzles, alphabet puzzles and number puzzles, we have some on our website for your perusal.

  1. Penguin Waddle

Penguins are the cutest sea birds, so if your child would like to waddle like a penguin, all they need to do is to hold a balloon between their knees!

This indoor game is super simple and it’s a lot of fun.

You can have races and older kids can have an obstacle course to make things a bit more challenging and fun for them!

If you find yourself stuck indoors then we hope that some of our selected indoor games will make it an enjoyable time.


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