Quick and Easy Activities for Children

Quick and Easy Activities for Children

Quick and Easy Activities for Children
If you want a healthy way to keep your children focused on an activity but you don’t want to spend hours setting it up, then you’ll love these quick and easy activities for children.

They will not only keep them interested, but also entertained for hours on end.

1. Pasta Pound

If you don’t think crushing dried pasta until it’s dust is not a fun activity, then you don’t remember what being a child is like.

This pasta pound activity is super easy, super fun and it’s something your children can do outside so you don’t have a mess in the house.

All you need is dried pasta, a toddler hammer and then just leave your child to do its thing.

They will smash the pasta into pieces and to make it more fun, you can hand them scoops so they can play with this new kind of sand they’ve created!

2. Color Scavenger Hunt

If your children are learning their colors, this is a great activity to help them commit them to memory.

All you’ll need is a basket and construction paper of different colors. The idea is to hand your child a basket with a color label, whether that’s yellow, red, blue, green, etc., and have them walk around the house collecting items of the chosen color.

This is essentially a color scavenger hunt. So if you want to make this a bit more challenging, what you can do is grab a bunch of LEGOs and scatter them all over your yard.

Then challenge your children to get them all and categorize them by colors.

3. Stacking Cups

Stacking cups is a classic to keep toddlers busy and focused while still having fun. Just hand your child a bunch of plastic cups, if you’ve got different colors it would be even better, and then encourage them to play with the cups.

They can stack them up and build towers or they can also arrange them by colors. Either way, they will have fun and you won’t have to do much to make it happen for them.

Get involved and show them how to build different kinds of towers to make this activity even better!

4. Toy Rescue

This is a super simple activity that will only require two bowls or buckets.
One should be filled with water and the other one should be empty. Then, fill the water bowl or bucket with as many plastic toys as you can and tell your child they have to rescue the toys and put them in the empty bowl.

It sounds super easy for you, but they will have a challenging enough time practicing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

5. Water Paint

This is yet another classic and all you need is a bucket of water and sponge brushes for your children to use as pencils.

Then just take them outside and have them “paint” with water on a concrete wall or floor!

They’ll have fun watching it dry and starting all over again.


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