Puzzles That Fit Each Stage - iKids

Puzzles That Fit Each Stage

Puzzles That Fit Each Stage - iKids

The ULTIMATE Guide to choosing the right puzzle for your child! They are one of the best learning toys that every child should have.

Choosing the right puzzle can be overwhelming. The good news is that you really can’t go wrong. Even if you buy a puzzle that is too advanced for your child at their current developmental level, then you can put it away in a closet and save it for some time in the future.



Around the 12 month stage, when they're beginning to grasp the idea of different colours and shapes. Kabi Wooden 3D Puzzle features friendly-looking and easy-to-grab wooden animal pieces that are pleasing to play with even before they manage to slot them into the right spots on the board.


We love this stage. They’re into everything and anything and ready to learn. So take advantage. Goryeo Baby Animal Shaped Tetris Block is brightly coloured, with simple pleasing shapes to sort and is the kind of toy that looks great on the shelf between play sessions. We also love this Goryeo Baby Geometry Digital See-Inside Puzzle, which features easy to-grab-numbers in a stylishly chunky design.


Once they're starting to think for themselves and create stories, fuel their imagination and help them with their cognitive skills with this Wooden Building Gems. Featuring a range of shapes that can be placed on a magnetic board, this little gem is a great way to capture their creative skills. 

Another cool pick that teaches a useful life skill is this fun Mideer My Time Travel Puzzle. First off, they have the fun of figuring out how to put together. Then, using the hands, hours and minutes written around the outside, they can start to learn time-telling. After all, there's no time like the present, as they say.

So there you have it - some puzzle picks that should fit the bill.


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