iKids - Outdoor Winter Fun (Photo by_ Lukas) 1

Outdoor Ball Games that are Winter-Friendly

iKids - Outdoor Winter Fun (Photo by_ Lukas) 1
Playing ball outdoors is a great way to spend some quality time with your children, not just to make sure they have fun, but also to keep them active.

During the winter months, you shouldn’t stop playing outdoor ball games, so here are a few ideas that are still enjoyable during winter time.

1. Flies and Grounders

This is a super simple game that involves two players and it consists of tossing a ball back and forth.

If the players catch the ball in the air, they will earn two points, while fielding a grounder will earn them only one point.

The game consists also in fooling the other player so they don’t tell if a fly or a grounder is coming. The game ends when one of the players reaches the maximum points.

This is super fun and once your child gets the hang of it, you’ll be playing for hours.

2. Crack Up

This game will require a large, soft ball and 5 players or more. It’s great to play as a family or with friends.

Crack Up consists on choosing a player to be “It” and then having that player throw the ball at other players. The rest of the players have the option or dodging or catching the ball, if they do that, “It” will lose a point.

But if the players are hit, they will be the ones to lose the point. If no one catches the ball, any player will be able to grab it and become “It”.

Players lose once they lose 5 points and the game continues until there’s only one person standing.

3. Run Down

For this game, you’ll need to set two bases 20 feet apart from each other.
Then, two of the players will have to be “It” and each stand on one of the bases.

These two “Its” will toss the ball back and forth to each other while the rest of the players take turns trying to steal a base while avoiding getting tagged by the “Its” throwing the ball.

If a player is tagged, they become “It”. Run Down can be played by a minimum of 3 players and it can continue for as long as everyone’s having fun.

4. Keep Away / Piggy in the Middle

This is a very easy game that requires three kids.

One of the kids will stand in the middle while the other two stand on opposite sides of the middle player. The children on the sides toss the ball to each other back and forth.
The player in the middle will have to catch the ball, and once they do, they can decide which of the other children to trade places with.

This is not a win/lose game and it can go on for as long as the players are having fun.

5. Down Down

Another great outdoor ball game!

For this one, players will form a circle and then throw the ball to each other randomly.

If a player misses the ball, the have to go down on one knee.

On the second miss, they have to bend the other knee. On the third, one hand goes behind their back. And on the fourth, they’re out!

The last person standing, wins.


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