Outdoor Activities for Children Aged 2 to 4

Outdoor Activities for Children Aged 2 to 4

Outdoor Activities for Children Aged 2 to 4
If you want to entertain your 2 to 4-year-old children while enjoying a wonderful day outdoors, this list of activities and games will help you keep things going right in your back yard. All the options on this list will provide hours of fun, so get ready!

1. Keep the Balloon Up

If the day is windless, this is the perfect activity to have your children burn some of that fantastic energy they have to spare. The game consists in keeping the balloon off the ground, either by using their hands or a tool such as a pool noodle. If you have a group of kids, they can engage in some healthy competition, but either way they will have a blast trying to keep the balloon afloat.

2. Jumping in Puddles

An activity made famous by Peppa Pig, if it just rained and there are puddles outside, why not make the most of it? If the day is particularly dry, why not make your own puddles and have fun? Just have your children wear their waterproof boots and let them jump in and out of puddles. If you make the puddles yourself, you can create a kind of track they can follow. Trust me, they’ll love it!

3. Water Painting

Hot summer days are the perfect kind of days for this activity. All you need are buckets of water and sponges. Then, have your children paint with water on cement surfaces like your garage entrance or the sidewalk. They will have a lot of fun drawing things with the sponges and then watching them dry and disappear. Just make sure they wear some sunblock because they will want to do this for quite a while!

4. Treasure Hunt

This is a great activity for kids who enjoy getting their hands dirty. All you need to do is make a little treasure box or chest and bury it in the yard. Then, draw a map for your children to follow and then have them dig it out! They will have a lot of fun following the map and they can engage in imaginative play in the meantime. You can take the opportunity to dress up like pirates and make a pirate ship out of cardboard boxes so they can truly live the fantasy.

5. Leaf Play

The least favorite thing about autumn is the raking of leaves. But hey, kids love leaves, so why not make it fun? Rake the leaves in your backyard and allow your children to make a mess. Throw them in the air, crunch them up, jump into piles of leaves, anything they want! But when they’re done, make sure they help you rake the leaves once again.

6. Fly a Kite

This is one of the classics and you can do this at the park or at the beach and it’s a great summer activity. Pick a breezy day to do this and have fun trying to get a hang of flying a kite with your children!


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