Indoor Game Ideas for Kids - Ages 2 to 4

Indoor Game Ideas for Kids - Ages 2 to 4

Indoor Game Ideas for Kids - Ages 2 to 4
Sometimes we want our children to engage in activities and games, but it’s too windy, rainy or cold to play outside. No matter, though, because that’s exactly what indoor games and activities are for! On this list, you’ll find a great selection of indoor activities for you to enjoy with your children.

1. Puppet Show

Setting up a puppet show is easy and it will guarantee hours and hours of fun. First, the set up involves a bunch of crafts because you’ll want to build the stage out of cardboard boxes and the puppets out of old socks. Then, you’ll want to come up with the stories, which is where your children will truly have an opportunity to let their imagination fly. Ask them questions about the kind of story they want to tell and you can build a great script together. Then, have fun playing it out and then just go crazy and have a show without a script. Just do whatever comes to mind and you’ll all have a ton of fun together.

2. Make Play-Doh

Making Play-Doh at home is super easy and you will be able to make many different colors with natural food dyes. Your children can be involved in the process of making the Play-Doh as well. If you want a play-doh recipe, make sure you read our previous posts! I made an article about this very topic and you’ll find two simple recipes. Once the homemade Play-Doh is ready, give your children dull knives, cookie cutters and other tools so they can shape their figures and add details such as faces and clothes.

3. Dance Party

A dance party is exactly what it sounds like, just clear out the living room for space and crank up your children’s favorite music so you can have fun dancing like crazy. No one’s watching, so you can dance like it! This is also a great opportunity to introduce your children to some of your favorite music. I’m sure they will love it and they will go crazy to your favorite beats as well.

You can also play dancing statues, which consists of dancing like crazy while the music is on, but when it stops, you all have to freeze in place like a statue. If someone’s still moving when the music stops, then they’ve lost. The last statue standing is the winner and then you can start all over again.

4. Playdate

Playdates are a great way to make sure our children are still socializing with others even when the weather is not on your side. Just have a friend over or two, and set up different activities for them to play together. In fact, I encourage you to set up imaginative play activities because they are great to further socialization among children and they will have a ton of fun working together to come up with stories and scenarios.


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