How to Host a Slumber Party for Your Children

How to Host a Slumber Party for Your Children

How to Host a Slumber Party for Your Children
Slumber parties or sleepovers are something that children enjoy quite a bit. It’s all about getting together with their friends and spending the night; watching movies, playing games, eating delicious treats and just having fun bonding.

However, the word on the street is that slumber parties are hell for parents. Why? Because they’re responsible for other children and these children have different sleeping schedules, different personalities, energy levels, needs, etc. So, it can be a handful.

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare for the host, though. All you need to do is prepare! There are definitely rules that you can follow to make things easier for yourself, so let’s take a look.

1. Don’t Host a Sleepover Unless Your Child is Ready

Sometimes we want this kind of experience for our children and we welcome the challenge. But what’s most important is that your child is ready for it. Generally, that’s around 7 or 8 years old.

The easiest way to know is to ask them what they think about it and if they’d like to give it a try. Once you explain what you have in mind, they’ll probably say yes.

However, you also need to check with the parents of your guests to make sure their children are ready too. This way, you’ll have a much smoother time!

2. Don’t Go All Out with the Guest List

If your child is quite popular and social, it can be tempting to invite everyone in the class.

But that’s the last thing you want to do as a host. Remember this is your first time hosting a slumber party as well, so there will be challenges.

The best thing you can do is start small, maybe 3 or 4 guests, until you get the hang of the whole process. Also, keep in mind that a slumber party is not the best way to introduce new buddies to the circle because you don’t know how it may go.

So, keep it small, keep it even numbered, and make sure everyone’s comfortable with each other.

3. Exchange Information with Parents

The more you know about your guests, the better. If you want your slumber party to be successful, you need to get together with the parents of your guests so you know all the essential information.

Information such as food allergies, sleep schedule, nighttime habits, etc. will be very useful in the success of the Sleepover.

You also must let the parents know what their kids should bring, what activities you’ve got planned, and your contact information so they can reach out if they need too.

4. No Sugary Snacks or Junk Food Before Bed

Food is a huge part of slumber parties and you might be tempted to go all out. But remember they’re children and they already have all the energy they need.

You want to avoid sugary snacks and junk food, and opt for choices such as fresh fruit, popcorn, mini-pizzas or mini-burgers, etc.

You can also make hot cocoa and milkshakes, just make sure you don’t serve these things right before bed time!

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