iKids - Play Area Reading Corner (Photo by_ Pixabay)

How to Create Play Areas At Home For Your Children

iKids - Play Area Reading Corner (Photo by_ Pixabay)
Kids areas within the home are important because they allow our children to explore their creativity and to entertain themselves healthily and educationally. Plus, they allow us parents to build unique spaces where our children are safe and happy!

That’s why today I bring you a few ideas to help you build exciting play areas for your children with minimal building experience and materials.

Climbing Space

Kids are known to have tons of energy and the need to move their bodies, that’s why climbing is such a common activity. This gross motor activity allows your children to strengthen their muscles and also to boost their confidence in their own abilities, such as coordination, balance, flexibility, and mental skills such as planning, problem-solving and strategy. Plus, climbing an excellent outlet for their energy because it’s a great exercise.

When children climb, they exercise every part of their bodies, from the fingers to the toes, and they also experience lots of excitement because getting higher and higher is always a good challenge. By providing this indoor climbing space, you’re providing all the benefits of this activity without having to worry about your children’s safety.

A simple and easy way to build this space at home is by using the area above your child’s bed. All you’ll need to do is install climbing holds of different colors, and the mattress will provide a soft landing spot.

Play Mats

Play mats offer a quick and easy way to create indoor play areas for our toddlers and babies. Setting up a play area with play mats is as easy as getting play mat sets and clearing a space for your children at home. You can also take it to another level and cover the entire floor of their room with play mats so they can play safely and have their own space. They won’t only brighten up the space; they will also make it much more comfortable for your children to crawl around, play with toys, and have play dates with friends.


Hammocks are a lot of fun for everyone, so a great way to set up an indoor area for your children is to set up a hammock for them somewhere in the house where they can just lay down to watch their favorite show, read their beloved children’s book, study, or just relax while they have their snacks. The great thing about hammocks is that they come in different colors and patterns so you can have your child choose the one they like best.

Reading Space

If your child loves reading, then the best thing you can do is set up a reading area, especially for them. Get a bookshelf for kids and fill it with their favorite books and a few new ones so they can discover new things. Get them a comfy rug, pillows, and set up a beautiful little space for them to read.


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