How to Choose Your Child’s First Pet

How to Choose Your Child’s First Pet

How to Choose Your Child’s First Pet
At some point, your child will ask for a pet. The best thing you can do is prepare for that moment. Why? Because choosing your child’s first pet is quite an important decision. This will contribute to whether or not your child will become a responsible pet owner in the future.

This decision should be made as a family because even though you want your child to learn how to care for a living thing, you need to take your free time, energy and finances into account.

Ideal Pets for Children

1. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are super social even though they’re known to be shy. This makes them a great candidate for kids. They’re happiest when they’re in pairs, they need some space to move around and they’re quite active, which means your child will have a lot of fun playing with them. Also, they’re easy to tame, easy to handle, and they’re not aggressive. Apart from food, water, love and a comfortable home; they will need vitamin C. So make sure you teach your child to feed them fresh fruits and vegetables or provide flavored tablets instead.

2. Dogs

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. For a first time pet, you might want to go with small dogs with a sweet temperament, so make sure you research breeds so as to make an informed decision. You also want a dog that you can easily train and teach basic commands to. Because dogs are a bit more high-maintenance and require more attention than other pets, make sure you’re ready for the commitment.

3. Hamsters

Hamster are the cutest and they can be either small or large, which makes them a nice little pet for your kids. I recommend getting a Syrian hamster because they’re larger, which means they’ll be easier to handle. No matter what kind of hamster you end up getting, understand that they’re loners. They enjoy living alone and they’ll be happy in a cage. Also keep in mind they have a short life span and they’re nocturnal.

4. Geckos

If your child happens to think reptiles are cool, geckos can make a great first pet. They’re docile and nocturnal but they’re not super responsive or cuddly, so make sure your child understands this! They do well in a small habitat and they’ll require good hygienic habits. Plus, they make for an interesting pet!

5. Cats

Cats can be great companions for kids, some can be easily coaxed into chasing ribbons around for ages, or balls with bells or even little wind up mice shaped toys. They don’t need to be walked, and are happy living in a small or large home or flat. They can be litterbox trained or are happy to do their business discretely outdoors. Some breeds can be huge and some very small but researching the bread that is right for you is a must.

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, not just for your child but also for yourself, so you need to make sure you consider your housing situation, your lifestyle and your level of experience with pets when choosing the right one for your child.


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