Fun Winter Arts and Crafts Ideas for Children

Fun Winter Arts and Crafts Ideas for Children

Fun Winter Arts and Crafts Ideas for Children

During the winter, there’s a lot of time that has to be spent indoors for one reason or another. But that’s a great opportunity to engage your children in some winter arts and crafts so they can have fun and be entertained without having to endure the harsh weather.

1. Stone Snowmen

This is an awesome winter-themed arts and crafts idea to have some fun with your children while doing something new. The activity is easy to set up; all you need is flat rocks, colored Sharpies and white paint.

The idea here is to decorate each stone with a part of a snowman, namely the head, the belly and the bottom. Decorate each part differently, adding different details with Sharpies whether that’s scarfs, hats, different expressions, etc., then mix and match the stones to make unique snowmen every time!

2. Snow Globe

That’s right!
Your children can make their own personal snow globe.

All you need is a few mason jars, water (boiled and cooled water is best), and different things to decorate the snow globe, such as glitter, plastic figures, etc.

Making a snow globe will allow your children to be creative while keeping them busy and calm for some time.

3. Shredded Snowman

If stone snowmen are not enough, here’s a great idea so you can take shredded paper and make something unique out of it.

Your children will find that shredded paper is super fun and using it to make a snowman will be amazing.

All you need is construction paper for your base, pencils so you can draw the outline of the snowman and glue. Simply glue the shredded paper onto the drawing of your snowman to create a shredded snowman!

4. Glitter Winter Figures

If your children love glitter, then this is the right arts and crafts activity for them.

All you need is glitter, watercolor paints, paper, and white glue!

Take the paper and create watercolor backgrounds of your favorite colors. Once the paper is dry, take the white glue and shape the winter figure you want.

It could be snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, etc., and then sprinkle glitter on it. So simple, yet so fun and pretty!

5. Play Snow

Play snow is super easy to make at home and it makes for a great sensory play activity for children.

What you’ll need is three cups of baking soda and half a cup of conditioner. Nothing more! Mix these ingredients together and make sure your conditioner is white so it looks like snow.

Your children will have a lot of fun molding this play snow into different shapes and enjoying the feel of it. Just remember sensory play can get messy, so save yourself the bother of clean-up by preparing an area where your children can be as messy as they want while still making it easy for you to pick up after them.

As you can see, winter arts and crafts ideas are simple and a lot of fun, so don’t hesitate to try them out!


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