Fun Party Games for Different Age Groups

Fun Party Games for Different Age Groups

Fun Party Games for Different Age Groups

 If you’re hosting a party for kids and you have no idea what party games to play, here’s a list divided by age groups. You’re welcome!

Ages 2 and Up

1. Bubble Wrap Race: You’ll need a large roll of bubble wrap and a group of giggling children! Lay the bubble wrap on the ground and then write numbers from 1 to 30 and tape them to the ground forming a circle. Write the same numbers on paper squares and keep them in a bowl.

The game will consist on assigning each kid to a number and then having them walk around the circle as the music plays. When it stops, each kid will have to stand on a number. Then you have to grab a number from the bowl and the corresponding kid will win a prize!

2. Musical Statues: This game is a classic, and all you need is music. Kids will have to dance around however they want, but when the music stops they will have to freeze like statues. If they move, they lose. The game has to go on until there’s only one statue standing. To make sure everyone’s happy, have small consolation prizes such as candy or stickers.

Ages 5 and Up

3. Balloon Burst: This one consists of bopping a balloon in the air as the music plays, but when it stops, whoever was the last to touch the balloon has to pop it. The fun part is that inside every balloon, there’s a challenge written on a piece of paper. The player will have to complete it and the game can continue until all the balloons are popped.

4. Egg and Spoon Race: This is a classic and the set up is as simple as it gets. All you need is hard-boiled eggs and tablespoons. Have each kid line up while holding their egg with the spoon. All they have to do is race to the finish line without dropping their egg. If they do, they have to go back to the start and try to catch up with the rest. The first child to get to the finish line without dropping their egg wins and once they’re done everyone can just have their boiled egg with their favorite topping, which is most likely ketchup all around.

Ages 10 and Up

5. Truth or Dare: Truth or dare is a favorite among this age group and you can set it up by writing 20 truths and 20 dares on paper and placing them in labeled bowls. Each player will have the chance to choose a paper from the bowl they prefer and they will have to complete the task. You want to do this so you can keep the truths and dares age-appropriate and make sure everyone has fun!

6. Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger hunts are classic and they can be adapted to every theme and every age group. Scavenger hunts are all about providing a list of items that have to be found in a specific area. You can have children do this individually or in groups, and they can search for things and prizes you’ve hidden or simply search for specific things in nature, such as rocks, flowers, leaves, etc.


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