Fun Halloween Crafts for Children to Enjoy

Fun Halloween Crafts for Children to Enjoy

Fun Halloween Crafts for Children to Enjoy
Halloween is coming up and this month is all about that! So why not make some fun Halloween crafts with your children to get them even more excited? Here are a few lovely ideas that will help you get started and they will guarantee that you and your kids will have fun.

1. Monster Slime

Making slime at home is actually quite easy, all you need is:
• saline solution containing sodium borate and boric acid,
• baking soda,
• white glue,
• water,
• food coloring,
• glitter,
• confetti,
• and anything else you want to add.

What you want to do is mix ½ a cup of white glue and ½ a cup of water in a bowl. Then add ½ a tablespoon of baking soda.

If you want your slime to be oozier, add ¼ tablespoon of baking soda instead, and if you want it to be thicker, add a full tablespoon.

Now you can add the food coloring and the glitter and then mix in a tablespoon of saline solution.

Stir the mixture until you can’t anymore and then knead it until it’s no longer sticky. Use saline solution on your hands so you can knead the mixture properly!

2. Toilet Paper Tube Mummy

You can make a lot of crafts out of toilet paper tubes; this time, we’ll be making mummies!

All you need is toilet paper tubes, paint, gauze, glue, googly eyes, construction paper, a paintbrush and scissors.

The first thing you want to do is paint the tubes black or use black construction paper to wrap the tubes up; use glue to keep the paper in place.

Once the paint is dry, glue the googly eyes to the top and then wrap the tubes with the white gauze. Secure it with some glue and trim any excess.

Your children will have so much fun with it! Plus, you can make other things, such as ghosts, monsters, vampires, and anything else you guys can think of.

3. Pumpkin Lanterns

Pumpkin lanterns are easy to make and they will look amazing as Halloween decorations for the house or for your children’s rooms.

Plus, they can work perfectly as a nightlight! You can place them in front of windows and on stoops and they will look amazing.

All you need is:
• glass jars,
• glow sticks and
• pumpkin decals or you can make your own out of foam or other materials.

To get started, take your glass jars and pour the content of 1 or 2 glow sticks into the jars.

Carefully open them and then pour them in. If your jars are really big, you might need more than 2 glow sticks.

Once you pour the content of the glow sticks into the jars, close the lids tightly and then decorate the lamps with pumpkin decals, stickers, crafts made of foam or construction paper, puffy paint, and anything else you can think of!

Halloween crafts are super easy to make and your children will have a ton of fun, so make sure you try them out!


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