Fun Craft Ideas to Upcycle Toilet Paper Tubes

Fun Craft Ideas to Upcycle Toilet Paper Tubes

Fun Craft Ideas to Upcycle Toilet Paper Tubes
Crafts and arts activities allow you to take ordinary things and turn them into something else. For children, this is particularly engaging and entertaining. That’s why today we are sharing a few ideas so you can upcycle toilet paper tubes and have fun with your kids!

1. Tube Town

Use toilet paper tubes to make your own little tube town! Your children will love it and it’s actually quite simple. All you need it paint, toilet paper tubes, scrapbook paper, tacky glue and scissors.

To make your little tube houses, start by panting the tubes in different colours. Choose bright colours to make it more fun!

Then, make two angled cuts in one end of the tubes for form a point. Take scrapbook paper and fold it in a 8cm by 9cm piece, then set it on the pointed end to make a roof and secure it with glue.

Then, make two cuts to make the door and use glue to secure a bead to use for a doorknob. Draw windows directly onto the tubes with koki pens (sharpies) or draw them into coloured paper, cut them out, and glue them to the house.

2. Party Crowns

Party crowns are a great way to upcycle toilet paper tubes and it’s also simple. You’ll need toilet paper tubes, a black marker, fabric paint in blue and metallic silver, a hole punch and elastic thread. To make the tiny crowns, start by drawing the outline of the top of the crown on the tube. Then cut it out with a pair of scissors.

Next, grab the marker and draw a thick outline around the cut-out. Draw black circles in the inside of the tube as well. Then, take the paint and paint dots over the outline to make the border of the crown. Paint vertical stripes as well with the silver paint and that’s that. Allow them to dry overnight then punch holes on them and tie elastic threads long enough for your children to wear them.

For fun alternatives; use different colour combinations, add some glitter, pom poms and pretty much anything else that inspires creativity.

3. Confetti Rockets

To make confetti rockets, you’ll need toilet paper tubes, coloured paper, tissue paper, string, tape, glue, beads, ribbons, scissors, a stapler, a needlework needle, craft punches and a hole punch.

To get started, cut a square of tissue paper that’s big enough to cover the bottom of the tube. Then, cut a small disc of cardstock that will fit within the radius of the tube. Glue the disc to the center of the tissue paper and let it dry. Then, thread an arm’s length of twine onto the needle and tie a bead to the end. Puncture the center of the cardstock disc to make the trap door.

The next step is to glue the trap door to the tube with some glue around the bottom of the tube. Attach it with the bead inside the tube and the strong outside of it. Then, you can decorate your rocker however you see fit! Use stars, marker in details, and let your imagination fly.

These simple crafts activities will help you get started and soon you will find more inspirational ways to upcycle toilet paper tubes. Plus, your kids will enjoy them greatly!


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