Extra Mural Activities for Small Children

Extra Mural Activities for Small Children

Extra Mural Activities for Small Children

Small children with lots of energy, love being active and playing with their friends. Channeling excess energy into extra mural activities builds both confidence and self-esteem. Most play groups and pre-primary schools focus on the academic side of their lives. However, it is just as important to choose the correct channel for your child’s extra-energy to ensure that in later years they have a positive attitude to extra mural activities.

The benefit of extra mural activities for small children is vitally important due the positive influence it has on children. Extra mural activities promote positive social, and communication skills, with their peer group as well as assisting to establish an interest in various sports and an eagerness to learn new skills.

5 Top Extra Mural Activities for Small Children


Dance allows small children free movement to discover how the body moves. It assists in balance and core muscle control which in turn assists them in walking and running. Dance allows children to explore their emotions, learn about certain sounds and songs, and how that makes them feel. Dance also promotes social skills when children dance and interact with other children. This builds confidence and instills a competitive comradery when they encourage each other to follow moves or steps. Dance will challenge and inspire children to move with courage and confidence. It will introduce them to the various dancing practices and may even encourage them further in finding one or two that they really enjoy and may pursue further.

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Mini Soccer

Any ball sport is a great extra mural activity for kids as it teaches not only balance but hand-eye coordination as well.  Running around after the ball improves cardiovascular health while building strength, flexibility and developing gross motor skills. Soccer is a fun activity that fosters a positive mental association with keeping fit. Team sports such as soccer are best when introduced at an early age to showcase working together and utilise team members strengths to enhance play as well. When games are lost and games are won, there are lessons in leadership and good sportsmanship to be learned. Being a part of a team also teaches responsibility and commitment.

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Tumbling is closely related to gymnastics but is only executed on the floor or on mats. It includes rolls, twists, somersaults, handstands, cartwheels and so much more. It helps children to improve their concentration, cooperation, patience, responsibility and social skills. It is an outstanding way to keep fit, learn discipline and teaches goal orientation. It improves gross motor skills and balance as well as stability. It’s also a lot of fun watching little ones practice their new found skills, and for them to show off these skills to you, is priceless.

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Drama classes or drama groups for small children assists them in exploring their emotions and feelings while building emotional intelligence. It is a non-competitive artform allowing children to build and develop friendships in a safe environment. Most drama classes aimed at small children do focus on developing language and communication skills as well as numeracy skills. Drama assists the physical development and the development of creativity and concentration. Most importantly it gives children confidence and allows shy children to flourish.

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Swimming lessons are most importantly to teach water safety and life-saving swimming skills. It also provides physical exercise and gross motor skills, while building muscle. Swimming is great for cardiovascular health while strengthening lung capacity and improving endurance. Once they are comfortable with the water, the benefits of being in the water is proven to reduce stress and anxiety as well as increase energy level and build confidence.

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No matter the kind of child, you will find that extra mural activities for the small child is a indescribably important in building confidence, making friends and learning new skills. Dance, swimming, mini soccer, drama and tumbling are the five top extra mural activities for kids.


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