Children's Bedroom Lighting Inspiration

Children's Bedroom Lighting Inspiration

Children's Bedroom Lighting Inspiration

When it comes to decoration your child’s bedroom, lighting makes a huge difference. Having fun lamps will make your child’s room more special and let’s face it, a lot more fun. If you’re looking for lighting inspiration, you’ll love the options we have for you.

1. Bunny LED Night Light

Night lights are a must for little ones who are getting used to sleeping on their own. It provides a sense of safety and they also look super cute. This bunny LED night light is a great choice! Not only because it will make a nice decorative piece for your little one’s room, but also because it will make them feel like they have a companion with them through the night. It will look great; your children will love it and so will you!

2. Dundee Table Lamp

If you want something a bit more traditional for your child’s room, this Dundee table lamp will be a great addition to their space. It’s simple yet modern and it will fulfill its purpose quite nicely. This is great for older kids who have a desk where they can do their homework or it can also work nicely in a reading area. Either way, you’ll be happy to get this Dundee table lamp!

3. Eurolux Flower Ceiling Light Blue

If you have a little boy who loves cars and the colour blue, then this ceiling light will be a great choice. This ceiling light is eye catching and your child will enjoy looking up and seeing it there. The fact the cars are different hues of blue makes the ceiling light a lot more interesting and it has the potential to bring the room together. If you want to inspire your child’s bedroom decoration on what they enjoy, this is a great way to do it!

4. Plasma Ball

Plasma ball lamps are one of the most exciting options on this list. They’re a ton of fun, they’re interesting to look at and your kids will be amazed. This particular one, with magenta and purple tones will make a great addition to the bedroom of any child. They will love looking at the plasma effect and seeing the light move around as if it were magic. Plus, it’s not something everyone has, so it will make your child feel more special and unique.

5. Motion Lamp

Motion lamps, also known as lava lamps, are actually a classic and today they’re even considered to be a bit vintage. There’s something very modern and interesting about them. They assist in creating a relaxing atmosphere and they look incredible. They come in a variety of different colours, which is always fun, and overall they will make a great addition to your child’s room.
Watching the colours ooze up and down can be calming, so if your child tends to have trouble getting to sleep, getting one of these lamps might help them find their sleep easier.

There are many creative elements that you may wish to consider in your child’s bedroom, however the functional décor that can be found in our lighting solutions will easily make a difference. Choose any of these options and your child will thank you for it!


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