Best Crafts with Coloured Paper For Kids

Best Crafts with Coloured Paper For Kids

Best Crafts with Coloured Paper For Kids
Coloured paper and construction paper is super versatile and they can allow you to create many art and crafts activities with your children. Here are a few ideas to help you get started!

1. Cardboard Zoo Animals

If you have some cardboard lying around, this is a great crafts activity to create, making something with your children that they’ll love. All you need is animal templates, cardboard, coloured paper, craft paint, brushes, pipe cleaners and white glue.

Print out your animal templates (or use cookie cutters) and trace them onto the cardboard where you can cut them out. Then, do the same on coloured paper and glue it on top of the cardboard. You could also use paint or simply do half of the animals with coloured paper and the other half with paint. Use the pipe cleaners to cut up tails and other details depending on the animal that you have chosen.

Allow your children to exercise their creativity by inspiring them to create their own creatures or versions of animals instead of using templates!

2. Paper Mosaic

Paper mosaics will allow your children to practice their imagination and abstract thought. Plus, this is a super easy activity to set up. All you need is a piece of cardboard or cardstock for your backdrop and a bunch of coloured paper or paper scraps. They will have to tear and cut the paper into pieces that are different sizes and shapes.

To keep things neat, categorize the cut up/ torn coloured paper by colour. Next, make a simple sketch for the mosaic on the backdrop and fill it in by gluing on the pieces of paper to the picture. Encourage your children to make their own sketches!

3. Paper Fan

Paper fans are beautiful and they’re useful on a hot Summers day. There’s nothing like making your own, and your children will enjoy this activity. To make paper fans, simply cut coloured cardboard into roughly 20cm x 30cm sheets. Then, use a scoring blade to score at every inch of the cardboard so the folding process can be a bit smoother.

Then, proceed to fold it accordion-style. Once you’re done, gather the bottom edge, punch a hole through the folds and tie a decorative ribbon. You can make these in different sizes and it’s another great fine motor activity!

4. Paper Doll Chains

Paper doll chains are a classic. And they’re also easy to make! All you need is construction paper, pencil and a pair of scissors. Start by making a doll template. Then, cut long strips of paper.

The next step is to fold the paper strips in half, matching the edges and making a sharp crease on the other side. Then, fold one edge back to meet the previous fold and crease again. Turn the paper over and repeat on the other edge. You should have four equal sections, so fold the top layer to meet the center fold, turn, and repeat. Open the center fold like a book and fold one side of the three layers to meet the center fold. Repeat this on the other side and fold the center fold back. Now you have an accordion.

Use your template to draw the doll along the left edge and then simply cut out the doll without cutting the folds.

There are many more fun activities to create using coloured paper, so watch this space for more inspiration.


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