Create a space for your child

Benefits Of Giving Kids Their Own Space

Create a space for your child

If your children don’t have a space of their own in your home, you should do something about this ASAP. 

Kids of all ages can benefit from a space that they know is theirs, theirs to play in, theirs to read in and theirs to relax in.

For toddlers, this can be as simple as a corner of your living room (so that they can be with you but also away from you at the same time), a designated outdoor space (so that they are not trampling your garden), a place in the kitchen where they can help prepare food.

For school-going children these needs will change, in different ways for juniors and seniors.


Why do kids need their own space?

Because giving them their own space will let them know that you trust them with their own space to do the things they love.

Children deserve their privacy too. And for that, they need a space that’s dedicated to them.

Children should have their own freedom, even if it’s within the limits you impose as parents. This will make the transition from childhood to adolescence run a lot smoother.

By giving your children their own dedicated space from early on, you’re setting the grounds for the independence they will start to demand later on.

The trick is giving your children responsibility you can measure, which will inspire them to reach for more. More independence, more freedom; both things that need to be earned, because that’s the precedent you’re setting.

When your children show that they’re ready for the next step of their growth, you can offer them their own space.

Of course, your children’s space should have some guidelines or parameters set by you. But first, they need to earn that space.


How can they earn their own space?

By being responsible not just in school, but also at home. Foster independence through responsibility and gratitude. If you do something right, I will show you how grateful I am by giving you the things you’ve earned.

When you foster a healthy sense of independence, this will translate into good decision-making, healthy choices, and strong self-esteem.

A great way to promote this is with reward charts, with rewards that suit their needs, ages and wants.


Why should they earn their space?

Because instead of just giving your children what they ask for every second, you’re teaching them how to earn it and how valuable that is.

You need to guide your child’s development and offer positive reinforcement when they do good. Through that, they can earn a space of their own.

Whether that’s a bedroom for themselves, a playroom, a music room, etc., will depend on where your child stands and the things they need and enjoy.

Giving them this space will promote their sense of independence, and they will understand that independence goes hand in hand with responsibility, commitment, and obligation.

As they mature and transition into other stages of their life, they will find comfort in knowing that they have a space they can call their own.

This space is safe, and it’s where they’ll be able to get to know themselves. They will be able to explore their creativity and imagination, but also what makes them unique. This is a place in which they can explore their feelings and meet with their inner voice whenever they need. Where they can think about the new things that they’re discovering every day and find solutions to the problems and conflicts they may be having.

Just because they’re children doesn’t mean they don’t have a complex inner world. It’s important that you acknowledge this and give them the tools to explore that inner world.

Set up a space for them and you won’t regret it!

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