Benefits of Block Play

Benefits of Block Play

Benefits of Block Play

Creative learning that is fun, educational and interactive, Block Play is just what you're looking for! iKids offers a wide range of block-style toys for your little ones. From the traditional Goryeo Baby Wooden Blocks Set to the modern Mini Blocks collection - there are plenty to choose from!

Benefits of Block Play

Block play offers your child the opportunity to explore their creative side while engaging their cognitive skills. It also strengthens their sorting skills as well as matching and counting. Many concepts can be taught through the use of building blocks, each one being highly beneficial to your child's development.

Some of these benefits include:

Problem-solving and reasoning skills. Developing either skill can occur deliberately with your child actively working to find a solution, or as a natural consequence whereby natural development occurs from learning first-hand what works best to reach a solution.

Imagination and self-expression. Children can express themselves freely through creative forms of play. Block play allows children to freely follow and communicate their ideas. This can develop into a valuable skill particularly for those who are predominantly non-verbal communicators.

Mathematical skills. Building blocks are one of the most versatile toys available and have been such for centuries. Due to their variety in size, shape and colour, these blocks offer the ideal opportunity to enhance math skills. Most notably:  numbers, symmetry, measurement, balance and estimation.

Creative exploration. Since blocks are like puzzle pieces, this means your child is free to explore how to fit them together. Moreover, they can explore countless ways to connect, stack and disconnect the block to form new shapes of varying colours and sizes.

Physical Development. Block play encourages the development of your child’s eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and spatial awareness. As they lift, reach for, move and place  blocks they strengthen the various muscles in their fingers, hands and arms.

Scientific Reasoning. Through the exploration of experimentation, your childs problem-solving skills should improve. Furthermore, they will exercise scientific reasoning and test hypotheses. Block play will familiarize them with balance, gravity, weight and as previously mentioned, spatial awareness.

Self-esteem and Independent thinking. It is important for your child to experience a sense of achievement while learning and developing new skills. This will encourage a positive association with learning and encourage confidence within themselves when learning new things. Block Play also teaches children to think independently.

Social and Emotional Development. Block play is an ideal opportunity to teach your kids how to cooperate and play with others, share materials, take turns, become self-reliant and develop friendships.

Block play benefits children of all ages. Therefore it is highly encouraging to introduce building blocks to your children from a young age, continuing throughout their early childhood.

Benefits of Block Play

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