iKids - Chores for Children (Photo by_Kidspot)

Age-Appropriate Ideas to Teach Responsibility

iKids - Chores for Children (Photo by_Kidspot)
Chores is something that the whole family should do together. There are so many things to do around the house that it’s impossible for parents to deal with everything. That’s why the best plan of action is to divide the chores and assign them to each family member.

This isn’t only a great help for parents, it’s also beneficial to children because you’re teaching them how to be responsible.

More than that, chores have a huge value. Every single one of us needs to feel like they’re doing something to contribute and that they’re needed, including children. Chores provide the opportunity to make them feel that way. Plus, they’ll feel included and like they’re capable.

The trick is to not turn chores into a punishment. When you’re assigning chores to kids, there are things you need to avoid.

For one, don’t insist on perfection. Your children will make mistakes and you might feel the need to do it yourself, but what you should do is explain the proper way to do it and go from there.

Another thing you need to avoid is thinking your children are too young to handle chores. Remember that children are more capable than they seem and they can learn by doing, just like the rest of us. The trick is to find appropriate things for them to do!

You also don’t want to hold back on praising your kids for chores well done. Encourage your kids while they’re doing their chores and congratulate them when they’re done. Positive reinforcement is key.

Now that you know what you should avoid, let’s talk about how you can organise your chores effectively.

The easiest way to do this is to make a chart. Make a list of everything that needs to get done around the house and allow your children to choose what they want to do.

Children of ages 2 to 3:
• Put toys away
• Dust
• Fill the pet’s dish with food
• Pile books or magazines, etc.

Children of ages 4 to 5:
Can do any of the chores above and also:
• Make their bed
• Clear the table
• Bring the mail or newspaper in
• Water the flowers
• Use a hand-held vacuum
• Empty wastebaskets
• Unload the dishwasher (only utensils), etc.

Children of ages 6 to 7:
Can do any of the above and also:
• Sweep
• Set the table
• Sort the laundry
• Pack lunch
• Tidy the bedroom, etc.

Children of ages 8 to 9:
Can do any of the above and also:
• Help make dinner
• Load the dishwasher
• Put groceries away
• Make their own breakfast
• Walk their pet
• Mop
• Sweep, etc.

Children of ages 10 and older:
Can do any of the above plus:
• Do the laundry
• Clean the bathroom
• Clean the windows
• Wash the car
• Cook simple meals
• Fold laundry, etc.

Once they do, you can create the chart. Make three columns, one for the chores and the name of the person who’s doing them, one for deadline and one for check-marks or stars to mark that the task is done.

Place the chart where everyone can see and let everyone know what their responsibilities are.


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