6 Messy Play Ideas for your Toddler - iKids

6 Messy Play Ideas for your Toddler

6 Messy Play Ideas for your Toddler - iKids

Messy play is so much more than just a fun activity. These activities stimulate their developing brains through their sensory systems. When your child encounters different textures, it helps them get used to experiencing difference different sensations. Additionally, messy play enhances their cognitive and fine motor skills.

There are plenty of activities that you can incorporate into messy play, however, your child’s age should always be considered. Especially when they are at the age where absolutely everything must be in their mouths! Luckily, we have come up with a list of 10 messy play ideas that are baby-friendly. And while putting random items in their mouths should be discouraged, a little taste or nibble will not cause any harm.

1. Cloud Dough
Cloud dough is an easy to make sand alternative. It is soft, moldable and will hold its shape to a certain extent. All you will need is some flour and vegetable oil! Mix the two together by hand and you should have a fun textured dough ready for some messy play!

2. Chocolate Mud
Not a fan of getting messy in a mud puddle? We have a less messy version just for you. Following the cloud dough recipe above add a dash of chocolate powder and you are ready to go! Bring in some pots and spades for a fun make-believe garden experience.

3. Flour Play
Flour can be a great option when encouraging your little one to make the connection between cause and effect. Squeezing the flour will introduce a rand new sensation as it clumps together before falling apart. It is also great for piling, digging, and drawing shapes and patterns in with little fingers.

4. Homemade Snow
For this activity, it is highly recommended for older kids who will not shovel the ‘snow’ directly into their mouths. Mix some corn flour and shaving cream and crumble the mixture between your hands to create some homemade snow!

5. Edible fingerpaint
Edible Fingerpaint is perfect for little ones who are most likely to put their paint covered hands in their mouths. Here are some easy Edible fingerpaint Recipes provided by Learning4kids.net.

6. Jelly
There is so much you can do with jelly that will create a unique sensory experience for your little one. And with so many colours and flavours to choose from, they are sure to be entertained.

You can even set some easily cleaned plastic toys in the jelly and have them dig them out either with their hands or using special tools to fine tune their motor skills.

Messy play is not for the faint hearted. Be sure to set up a designated area for all your activities and have everyone wear some old clothes they do not mind tossing just in case things get a little too messy.

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