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Cloudy Wall Hanging Canopy

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Let your little one feel like true royalty in their castle (or bedroom!) with this precious Wall Décor canopy. This adorable canopy features a beautiful white cloud look with cut-out accents, beautiful crown and pearls, and a curved shape for a three-dimensional effect. Display it on the wall of bedroom, nursery, or playroom and let the reign on! The top of the canopy features a conical shaped top to create a dramatic look in your bedroom. The canopy also features a curtain to open or close.

Hanging bed canopy Satisfy your baby's desire to have a secret space! In this space, your baby can sleep peacefully, or placed our canopy in your game room, so your baby can stay with his lovely toy or car, provide him with a little secret base, can cultivate your baby's independent personality. It can also be used as a place for parents to read storybooks for the baby, bringing more fun to the family.

Can be used as a canopy tent or a mosquito net for kids room decoration for the baby in the family, bedroom decoration, lounge decoration, kindergarten decoration and photography, no matter where you put this princess canopy, you can add beauty to your own space and make your room more beautiful and lovely!

Buy one today as this one item can entirely change the look of a bedroom!



  • This toddler bed canopy uses simple and stylish shape design makes your room more lovely.
  • The bed canopy made of Cozy cotton and mesh materials, high quality, More Breathable, softer and more comfortable.
  • Baby girl Bed canopy can isolate the external disturbances, protect your baby's skin, and make sure our baby has a sweet sleep.
  • Make this wonderful house decor to complete the small wishes of your baby to have their own secret space without being disturbed by others
  • Used this canopy in the game room, or a baby room decor, the baby has a small space for a nap, snoring, reading, and playing. It can also be used as photography to make your scene more beautiful, more practical and more beautiful. 



  • Material: Cotton, Chiffon
  • Dimensions: 128 x 70 cm
  • With white detachable netting
  • Colour: White



  • The accessories and decor featured are not included