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Turquoise Felt Ball Garland

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R 119.00

Entirely handmade, this happy, rainbow garland is made of wool felt balls. Each puffy, felt pom pom balls measure a generous 2cm perfect for any kind of crafty, whimsical décor.

To create a masterpiece, you need to add the perfect finishing touch! This rainbow pom pom garland adds a playful, yet magical touch to your décor. Ideal for a nursery, kid’s room, bedroom or playroom, work area, photo backdrop, a reading nook, or baby shower!

These pretty decor balls will add a colorful and festive touch to any bedroom or playroom. It’s time to add some sweet whimsy to your space today.



  • 2m White Cord
  • Total 30 balls, Each ball size: 2 cm
  • Materials: Wool Felt
  • 100% Hand made