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Train Humidifier Mint

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R 690.00

MINI HUMIDIFIER: Humidification up to 4 hours, don't need to add water frequently. Enjoy a pleasant environment.

VIBRATION ATOMIZER: Can make water molecules quickly become delicate and soft, keeping long-lasting humidification.

FACIAL SKINCARE: More delicate makeup, let you be more confident and appealing. Replenish skin moisture, keep energetic.

TIMED OFF: 1 hour light off, 4 hours automatically power off. Turn on the humidifier, then press the switch button and hold for 1s to switch the color light.



  • Material: Hard plastic casing
  • Product Size: 98.25 x 86.2 x 162 mm
  • 2 Light Modes: Colour-cycling, fix on one colour, or no light
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Colour: Mint
  • Shape: Train
  • Product Accessory: USB Cable


  • The humidifier needs to be plugged in via the USB cable in order to work
  • Do not leave the humidifier to steam once it runs out of water