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Toddler Magnetic Fishing Game

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The TopBright Magnetic Fishing Game is great for hours of fun, includes 16 wooden fish puzzles that are patterned with the alphabet, numbers and cute ocean creatures making it a great teaching tool.

It’s never too early to begin STEM educational techniques, this product is ideal for parent-child interaction.

The fishing game is designed to imitate the real ones, with retractable string and comfortable size for little hands.

The game pieces are made from high quality, natural solid wood and is coated with environmentally friendly water-based paint, BPA free. It is completely non-toxic and safe to play without the risk of harm as all edges have been made smooth with no rough surfaces.

TopBright follows the rule to enhance a child’s physical and mental development integrates education in toys, aims at inspiring a baby’s potential intelligence and lights up children’s talent. 0 to 6 years old is the critical period for the baby’s intelligence development.

Let children explore in play, discover self, and perceive the world.



  • Learning skills, develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills Improves knowledge on ocean animals and alphabet letters promote patience and dexterity
  • Easy to carry
  • Includes 16 x Wooden fish puzzles, 1 x Fishing Rod, 1 x Ocean themed playmat and 1 x Basket



  • Materials: Plywood, Plastic
  • Package Size: 18.5 x 13 cm
  • Suitable Age: 2 Years Above