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Silver Star Paper Garland

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Reflective paper stars garland - Paper star banners, a good atmosphere to create a festive atmosphere.

Excellent material - These star paper garlands are made of reflective glossy surface paperboard, bright flashes of light, elegant and beautiful.

Easy to use - Stars are sewn together by a line, no shedding glitter, easy to swag and please unroll or unwrap garlands gently to avoid tangling due to the delicate nature of the thread.

Wide range of applications - It spices up, decorates and impresses at most events such as Christmas, home, weddings, christenings, fetes, barbecue, baby showers, gardens, and so on.

Warm notice - To avoid tangling the garlands, it needs you to handle it gently and carefully for your next convenient use.



  • Total Length: 3m
  • 15 Paper Stars, 7cm Each Star