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Road Builders Animal Island Puzzle Game

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If you are looking for an exciting puzzle that will be interesting for a child for a long time, pay attention to the logic game Road Builders, designed for children of all ages. This game is thought out to the smallest detail and will undoubtedly decorate your collection!

Inside the metal box you will find 36 double-sided challenge cards, 9 magnetic pieces with road fragments, incentive stickers and instructions. The presented tasks have 4 levels of difficulty, thanks to which the game will captivate both toddlers and older preschoolers. You can also solve problems with joint efforts - a great option for families with several children.

Please note that the metal box serves not only to store the contents, but also serves as a playing field: you can play at home, on a walk or on the road to pass the time cheerfully. Having chosen one of the tasks, the child needs to place the indicated sections of the road on the playing field so as to help the characters meet. Combine smooth paths with turns, dodge obstacles and you will succeed! In case of difficulty, you can use the correct solution to analyze the situation and correct the mistake.

The Road Builders game is an excellent simulator for the development of logic, spatial thinking, attention and concentration, which will teach children to make decisions by calculating their actions several moves ahead.



  • Colourful and eye-catching illustrated
  • In the set: 36 double-sided cards with tasks of different difficulty levels, 9 magnetic parts, 1 promotional sticker sheet, metal storage box, instruction
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Package Size: 22 x 16 x 3 cm
  • Suitable Age: 5 Years Above