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Portable Play Mat | Rainbow

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Play for hours...clean up in seconds!

Playing with toys is great, but cleaning them is a much more tedious endeavour. And sometimes it's stuffy, it's ugly fast - for example, when someone suddenly comes to visit or in the evening, when mom and dad strongly recommend to go to bed. It is not always that time and will right away, and besides, it will be in play again in the next few moments. At this point, it is wise to use a practical matte bag, which, when unfolded, forms an ideal play base on the floor and, with the help of a simple cord fastening, disguises itself as a nice bag for hiding toys. The matte bag is made of durable textile and is therefore suitable for taking with you to the garden, beach, and village. From the colourful designs, every playful toddler will find something suitable. And believe us - this time for proper stuffing will come in a lifetime.



  • A perfect way to carry toys and daily supplies.
  • Completely wipeable and collapsible.
  • Convenient for a baby to crawl.
  • A discreet Drawstring is ideal for valuables.



  • Dimensions: 145 cm diameter
  • Luminous
  • Materials: Canvas