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Magnetic Fishing Game

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R 149.00

Get your little ones to practice their fine motor skills by fishing out the marine creatures. While they’re at it, practice number recognition and counting with them! The vividly illustrated marine creatures will definitely capture your little oceanologist’s curiosity to explore the world we live in.

Easily transform this fishing set into travel-friendly entertainment. Simply place the fishes into a plastic tray or container and you’re good to go!

This product comes with 10 marine creatures with number 0-9, 2 fishing rods and a foldable pond. The marine creatures are fitted with little metal pieces while the fishing rods are equipped with magnets for an easy catch!

Let’s Go Fishing!



  • Help to develop kids' concentration, number sense, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and  strengthen self-confidence
  • Easy to carry for traveling
  • Includes 10 marine creatures, 2 fishing rods,  a foldable pond, and a tin package
  • Marine creatures go with digital 0-9



  • Package Size: 16.8 x 6.5 cm
  • Suitable Age: 2 Years Above