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Kitchen Box | Letters in Cooking

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R 299.00

Alphabet Learning and Simulation Game: This simulation game for boys and girls is for learning simple alphabets and words. With this basic learning toy, preschoolers will learn to spell food words while pretending to cook like a little chef. Stimulates children's imagination and fine motor skills.

Learning Alphabets When Pretend to Cook: Different from the traditional learning letter toys, this toddler learning alphabets toy is designed to stimulate children’s interests in recognizing letters and simple words when they are in pretend play. Top Bright wants children’s learning while play and family games.

Your Little One Prepares "Letter" Meal for You: Pick up the food ( the right alphabet) from the pot, then display it on the plate. Know more words, and enjoy being a chef.

Rounded Edge Ensure Safety When Kids Playing: The safety of childrens' toys is the top concern for parents. So does Top Bright! The smooth edge and high-quality material make sure safety when toddlers improve their fine motor skills.

Gift for 3-year-olds: This toy is a perfect gift for your children or grandchildren to learn to write basic words before going to school.

Package Includes: This learning toy set includes 38 letters, 6 square plates, 6 round plates, 1 paper clip, 1 table paper, 2 holders.



  • Package Size: 29 x 22 x 7.2 cm
  • Material: Wood, Paper
  • Suitable Age: 3 Years Above