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Dinosaur Storage Basket | Square

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R 299.00

The multi-functional storage basket has a nice cartoon dinosaur pattern and kids will like it.

It has a large capacity, is foldable and saves more space, which makes it easy to store debris. It has a drawstring in the opening for a better dust-proof effect. It has a handle on both sides, is more durable and more convenient to carry and use.

It has stylish cute styles and colours, perfect for kindergartens, homes, offices, craft rooms. And it can be used as a laundry basket and toy storage to add colour to any room.



  • Great storage capacity that can also be extended as the top folds out.
  • Drawstring closure.
  • Two handles make this a portable solution.
  • Dimensions: 45 × 30 × 25 cm, ≈ 33.75 L
  • Material: Cotton