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Wooden Rainbow Block | Rainbow Stacker

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R 898.00

The Montessori wooden rainbow stacker is an imaginative open-ended play and learning toy for toddlers and preschool. It contains 12 large rainbow pieces in different colours for the purpose of building, sorting, stacking type of play.

The Rainbow Toy helps children cultivate their imagination, creativity, and coordination, as well as to recognize and establish a connection between abstract concepts and reality through processing visual input. Besides, it is not only an educational toy but also a perfect home decoration for the child’s bedroom.

Colourful, arched building blocks offer different possibilities than conventional building blocks. Inspires creativity. Use the arches to build tunnels, little houses, hills, rocking chairs or beds for little dolls. It can stimulate the child’s imagination and inspire creativity, increase coordination and improve eye-hand coordination and colour-shape recognition.



  • Package Includes 12 x Wooden Colourful Rainbow Stacker
  • Package Size: 38.5 x 19 x 7.5 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Suitable Age: 2 Years Above